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skin type

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Assalamualaikum and greetings all,

I would like to start with basic need in skin care. I believe the important part in skin care is understand your type of skin. Basically there are four types of skin.
1. Normal Skin
- There are few numbers of people with this type of skin, as we can always see this type of skin on baby only. People with normal skin don't really have any problems with their skin and most of them have flawless skin.
2. Dry Skin
- We can see this type of skin usually on people with age around 40 and above. Somehow, due to surrounding, eating habits, usage of cosmetic and skin care products can always be the factors that lead to dry skin. People with dry skin usually having problems with pigmentation.
3. Combination Skin
- This is the type of skin that almost 80% of people especially Asian have. Usually, we can see the T-Zone is oily while skin at the cheek area is dry or normal.
4. Oily Skin
- Oily skin is the type of skin that usually have more problems as compared to other type of skin.

Well, as a guideline to all of you, I will list down the characteristics of each type of skin so that you can analyse your own skin on your own. However, if there is anything that you need to ensure with, do consult with any beautician or beauty consultant or you can always drop your question at the comment. I'll try my best to help you.

Normal Skin 
* Healthy, soft and smooth skin
* Not too oily or dry (balance)
* Usually can be found on baby

Dry Skin

* There are fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
* Black head / freckles easily seen
* Dusty / peeling
* Occur to people around 40 and above and those stay at low humidity area
* Not prone
* Uneven skin tone

Combination Skin

* Oily at T Zone (forehead + nose)
* A bit dry at cheek and outer side of face
* Rarely covered with acne
* Sometimes have uneven skin tone

Oily Skin

* Overall shiny skin
* Skin become oily only after hours being washed
* Particularly susceptible to acne 

**Only after you understand your own skin type, you can choose the suitable skin care products and cosmetics to be used. Good luck in analysing your skin. (^__^)(Y)



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